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The Union approved a new benefit!
Beginning immediately, CFE will provide an additional $200 supplement to members who have exceeded their campus professional development funds for an approved activity.
Here is how this benefit will work:
When a member is approved by the college professional development committee (PDI/IPD) for conference funding, the faculty member will receive reimbursement for expenses up to the college maximum (OCC = $1,400, GWC =$1,400, CCC =$1,000) by their college. If the actual expenses exceed the allotment for the college, CFE will provide an addition reimbursement up to $200 to help cover expenses. This benefit is not for additional conferences once a faculty member has exhausted the annual college professional development funding, nor is this benefit to be used as the primary source of funding for professional activities. This is a “last dollar” benefit that applies only after the college professional development (PDI/IPD) committee approves funding. It will assist members who have attended approved conferences that exceed the maximum campus funding.
If a GWC faculty member attends a conference that was approved for IPD funding of $1,400 but the actual expenses came to $1,600, the member will receive $1,400 from the college IPD fund. Then the union member may submit an additional reimbursement request directly to CFE for the $200 that was in excess of what the college reimbursed.
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In order to provide services to our members more efficiently, CFE has a few new positions this semester.

First, Stephanie Dumont and Theresa Lavarini will be serving as Golden West College Site Representatives and Ann Holliday will be the site representative at Coastline College. If you have ideas that you want to share or if you have an issue that may be related to the contract, please contact them right away.

We are looking for a faculty member from OCC who is willing to serve as a site representative. The position will provide 1.5 LHE compensation. If you are interested in learning more about the OCC Site Representative position, please reply to this email or send a message to me at

During the upcoming year, CFE will also provide more opportunities for members to engage and provide feedback. Rendell Drew (OCC) and Julie Terrazas (GWC) are our new member engagement liaisons. If you have ideas regarding ways to increase member participation or you would like CFE to host a particular event, please let them know.

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Fall 2018 – Update

The Coast Federation of Educators (CFE) had a busy summer which included meeting newly hired full-time faculty and working with management to make sure faculty who taught summer classes were paid in June and July (not July and August). At the request of our members, we sat in on a few meetings where faculty were given Weingarten notices and we signed a couple Memorandums of Understanding in order to ensure that faculty are protected and the contract is implemented fairly.

I would like to extend a special thank you to our union representatives who went the extra mile during the summer. This includes Vesna Marcina (OCC) and Tom Mucciaro (OCC) who met with the Huntington Beach High School faculty union to discuss dual enrollment. Ann Holliday (CCC) who attended monthly Orange County Labor Federation Meetings. Julie Terrazas (GWC) who made sure all of our bills were paid throughout the summer. Additionally, we owe a big “thank you” to the executive board (Rendell Drew, Darryl Isaac, Dan Johnson, Ann Holliday, Theresa Lavarini, Chau Tran) who attended an emergency meeting in July. These colleagues/union representatives worked on non-duty days because they care deeply about serving faculty and they know that our vigilance in the summer is important to prevent management overreach.

Over the past few years, CFE has been working to improve faculty working conditions, raise pay, improve benefits, and increase the lab factor. We would not have been nearly as successful in our endeavors if we did not have the strong support of our full-time faculty, thank you! Having 90% of full-time faculty members of the union gives us incredible leverage at the negotiations table and results in higher salaries and more robust benefits.

While we have been very successful, there is still much work to be done! Our district does not offer maternity leave and the lab factor is only 85% when it should be 100%. Additionally, our part-time colleagues earn a fraction of what they deserve and do not have full benefits or adequate office hours.

Please be sure to respond to the survey that CFE will be sending out over the next few weeks. CFE would like to gauge faculty priorities for the upcoming year.

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