Official OCLF Statement on Recent Controversy over Racists Remarks

Dear Siblings,

The following statement was put forth following the announcement of LA Federation of Labor President’s resignation:

“It’s the OCLF’s mission to fight for a fair, equitable, and just society. The labor movement deserves better than what we heard. Anti-Black, Racist, homophobic, and anti-indigenous beliefs don’t belong in labor. This is a start, not an end. Our members deserve leadership that represents them, not demeans them. We stand in solidarity with Black, LGBTQIA, and Indigenous workers. Now it’s time for those elected officials to resign as well.”

Earlier today, both official statements from the National AFL-CIO and CA Labor Federation were shared on the OCLF’s social media as a show of solidarity with our Black, LGBTQIA and indigenous members.

Please feel free to contact us should you have further questions.

-In Solidarity

Carlos Camacho

Staff Director

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CFE Scholarship

The Coast Federation of Educators (CFE) Union Scholarship Program will award $15,000 to our members and/or their immediate family who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education. CFE’s goal is to have individuals benefit from our commitment to higher education. 

Awards will be allocated to each college based on union membership. These awards are for $500 each and they are for study beginning in the Fall of 2021. Students and faculty may renew the award each year. Current participating union members, their spouses and their dependent children (as defined by IRS regulations).

At least eight months of continuous union membership by faculty member must be satisfied by May 31 of the scholarship application year to be eligible. One scholarship per member maximum per year.

More information and the application can be found in the “Forms” section of this website.

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CFE Conference Supplement

The Union approved a new benefit!
Beginning immediately, CFE will provide an additional $200 supplement to members who have exceeded their campus professional development funds for an approved activity.
Here is how this benefit will work:
When a member is approved by the college professional development committee (PDI/IPD) for conference funding, the faculty member will receive reimbursement for expenses up to the college maximum (OCC = $1,400, GWC =$1,400, CCC =$1,000) by their college. If the actual expenses exceed the allotment for the college, CFE will provide an addition reimbursement up to $200 to help cover expenses. This benefit is not for additional conferences once a faculty member has exhausted the annual college professional development funding, nor is this benefit to be used as the primary source of funding for professional activities. This is a “last dollar” benefit that applies only after the college professional development (PDI/IPD) committee approves funding. It will assist members who have attended approved conferences that exceed the maximum campus funding.
If a GWC faculty member attends a conference that was approved for IPD funding of $1,400 but the actual expenses came to $1,600, the member will receive $1,400 from the college IPD fund. Then the union member may submit an additional reimbursement request directly to CFE for the $200 that was in excess of what the college reimbursed.
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Election Guide – CFT Endorsements

Ballots are arriving this week across California for the June 7, 2022 primary election, and once again we have the opportunity to support candidates and measures that support our schools and California’s working families.

Before you vote, please take a moment to review CFT’s Educators Choice Voter Guide. The California Federation of Teachers has created a voter guide tool that allows you to enter your address and view endorsements for local elected officials.

Coast Federation of Educators participated in the endorsement interviews for the OC Board of Supervisors, State Assembly and State Senate candidates. 

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