Faculty Support Professor Perez Stable Cox

Orange Coast College (OCC) faculty are supporting Professor Olga Cox in the face of intimidation by the OCC Republican Club.
Here is their statement:

We, the undersigned faculty, wish to express our concern about the violation of the Academic Freedom and privacy of Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox.

Academic freedom is sacred because all discourse is political, and a liberal arts education seeks to find how all of our disciplines are interrelated. LGBTQ issues and body politics have dominated coverage of the recent election, and both are topics that belong firmly in the Human Sexuality classroom. All of this, however, is immaterial–Professor Cox’s remarks require no justification. Our classrooms are safe spaces where both students and instructors can engage in civil debate, and the misuse of that debate outside of the class is a violation of trust between students and other students and between students and their instructor.

We call for Coast Community College District’s immediate and public dismissal of all accusations against Professor Cox and we implore administrators to stand boldly for academic freedom and the safety of our faculty. We must acknowledge that these are politically motivated attacks on our faculty that embolden those who seek to erode scholarly dialogue by demonizing those with differing viewpoints instead of engaging in an open dialogue. As we stand on the national stage, Orange Coast College must maintain its academic integrity, and it must remain emblematic of freedom and democracy; in order to do so, we stand behind our esteemed colleague.


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