Tentative Agreement Reached

On Monday, December 4th the Coast Federation of Educators (CFE) negotiations team and Coast Community College District management team came to a tentative agreement on a two-year contract. This agreement makes improvements to faculty salaries and maintains benefits for all of the full-time faculty and part-time faculty with greater than a 50% load.

This agreement would not have been possible without the strong support of faculty and the dedication of the negotiation teams. The unity of our faculty members translated into power at the bargaining table.

Your negotiations team worked during the summer and on many evenings fighting for a good contract.

Rob Schneiderman (Orange Coast College, Chief Negotiator)
Ann Holliday (Coastline College)
Theresa Lavarini (Golden West College)
Tom Mucciaro (Orange Coast College)
Dan Johnson (Coastline College)
Stephanie Dumont (Golden West College)
Bob Fey (Executive Director)
Frank Oppedisano (CFT Field Representative)

Thank you to the management negotiations team members for negotiating in good faith.
CFE especially thanks Chancellor Weispfenning for his support, former Vice Chancellor Cindy Vyskocil for her fair and reasonable approach to negotiations.

We will be scheduling meetings at all the colleges during the spring semester to explain the contract and we anticipate a ratification vote in April 2018.  Additional information will be posted on our website www.cfe1911.org.

Below is a very brief summary of the tentative agreement highlights:

Faculty will receive an estimated 6.5%* salary increase over the next two years.
This estimated increase will be: 1% + COLA in 2018-19 and 1% + COLA in 2019-20.
*State Department of Finance estimate for COLA

Lab Factor Increase
The compensation for all lab classes will be increased to 85% starting Fall 2018.

The district will keep all of the current health benefits plans with no changes!
Faculty contribution will increase from .5% of base salary to .8% of base salary.
CFE estimates this increase will cost faculty approximately $30 a month.

Flex Days
All Coast Community College campuses will maintain two Flex Days. Participation in Flex activities are mandatory according to the State Chancellor’s Office. Therefore, faculty will either attend Flex Day, make-up the time if excused, or forfeit pay for the day.

Part-Time Rehire Rights
Part Time faculty will be given a six (6) LHE minimum load if they have received
favorable evaluations and have worked at a college for over 3 years.

Retiree Rights & Benefits
Retirees will be offered a variety of on campus benefits upon request. These benefits
include limited access to the college fitness center, parking passes, tickets to both athletic and theater events. Retirees who are rehired as part time faculty will also be added to the part time rehire list and will be eligible for priority assignments.

Large Class Factor
Faculty who teach classes of 85-129 will receive a 1.75 load factor.

In order to explain the tentative agreement, CFE will be hosting multiple forums at Golden West College, Orange Coast College, and Coastline College. After we complete the process of explaining to the tentative agreement at the college campuses, all unit members with signed membership forms in the CFE office will be eligible to vote on the tentative agreement. We are anticipating a ratification vote in April 2018.

Again, I thank all the faculty members who supported the union during this negotiations process. Your support helped us secure a great tentative agreement. CFE is proud to represent a tremendous faculty.

Rob Schneiderman – President & Chief Negotiator
Ann Holliday (Coastline College)
Theresa Lavarini (Golden West College)
Tom Mucciaro (Orange Coast College)
Dan Johnson (Coastline College)
Stephanie Dumont (Golden West College)
Bob Fey (Executive Director)
Frank Oppedisano (CFT Field Representative)


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