CFE Conference Supplement

The Union approved a new benefit!
Beginning immediately, CFE will provide an additional $200 supplement to members who have exceeded their campus professional development funds for an approved activity.
Here is how this benefit will work:
When a member is approved by the college professional development committee (PDI/IPD) for conference funding, the faculty member will receive reimbursement for expenses up to the college maximum (OCC = $1,400, GWC =$1,400, CCC =$1,000) by their college. If the actual expenses exceed the allotment for the college, CFE will provide an addition reimbursement up to $200 to help cover expenses. This benefit is not for additional conferences once a faculty member has exhausted the annual college professional development funding, nor is this benefit to be used as the primary source of funding for professional activities. This is a “last dollar” benefit that applies only after the college professional development (PDI/IPD) committee approves funding. It will assist members who have attended approved conferences that exceed the maximum campus funding.
If a GWC faculty member attends a conference that was approved for IPD funding of $1,400 but the actual expenses came to $1,600, the member will receive $1,400 from the college IPD fund. Then the union member may submit an additional reimbursement request directly to CFE for the $200 that was in excess of what the college reimbursed.

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